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Crippled Kung Fu Boxer 1981 Dvd

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Actors: Cliff Lok, Tsai Hung, Yueh Hua, Sun Yueh, Goo Chang, Lee Chiu, Chu Siu-Wa, Ma Chin-Ku
Format: Dvd
Language: English,  5.1 Surround Sound
Run Time: 90mins
Region: Region-Free Playable Worldwide
Extras: None  
Plot: Kung fu genius (Cliff Lok) stars as the student of a famous kung fu master whose kung fu gym gets overrun by the Hunchback and his gang, Cliff runs off and seeks refuge with his uncle, who teaches Cliff the art of the Crippled Fist so he may take revenge of the Hunchback and the rest of his vile posse.