Dont Judge Movie By Its Cover Movies That Were Misunderstood

It’s expected of the film industry to produce a movie every now and then that not everyone understands Rare movies DVD completely. Sometimes the titles are misleading, and other times the narrative is made extraordinarily complex to mandate more than a single viewing. The goal is nothing but to instill elements in the movie that make viewers realize the effort that was put into it. A few good examples would be The Tree Of Life or Memento, movies that trick the viewer during the first viewing into reading the wrong message.

You’ll be surprised to find that some of the classics that are mentioned below also took you a while to wrap your head around the plot twists or the anticlimactic moments. In fact some colloquially define classics as movies that are generally ‘harder to comprehend’ than the mass-produced thrillers and chick flicks.


Using unnatural phenomenon such as time travel as important motifs or themes in a movie is bound to confound audiences in the first attempt at watching. The issue with time travel movies is that they always inevitably refer back to the gospel of all time travel movies: Back To The Future. The Terminator is a classic example of how directors had to fight an upward battle, trying to create a time travel movie after Back To The Future. Misconceptions about the rules of a temporal reality that had been sown by the OG production made comprehension impossibly hard for the successor. Even though this movie heavily relies on the grandfather paradox which is stemmed in a single universe, people viewing have confused the plot with parallel realities.


Irrespective of whether or not you’re into horror films, it’s hard to miss The Shining as one of the prime classic examples in this genre. However, it’s interesting to see how all those who have failed to grasp the horrific magnanimity of this film were those who expected jump scares and thrills to dominate the screen time. By virtue of being a classic, it should be evident that a film of this stature, which is Kubrick’s masterwork, will not cash in on cheap tactics; rather focus on a deeper subtext. Only once you grasp the entirety of overt and covert visual cues that Kubrick has tactfully placed at several instances, will you understand what it means to watch a classic horror film.


Even if you’ve forgotten all the major soundtracks from this Disney classic like Cycle of Life, you’d still be habitually humming to the tune of Hakuna MatataThis is indisputably the catchiest song from the movie, which is rarely questioned for the message that it’s outwardly delivering to young audiences.

Since the human mind has the ability to retain things input in a distinct rhythm, it’s easier to remember “It means no worries/ For the rest of your days/ It’s our problem-free philosophy” and forget the unsung advice that Rafiki gives in contrast. The song urges you to live a life free of any care or worries in the world and pay no heed to the past, whereas Rafiki often rectifies the wrongs committed by Simba but purposefully doesn’t sing them in a song for the viewers to remember.


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