Find the Right Movie Genre for You

If you go back in time, you’ll find that the end of the Silent Era marked the establishment of multiple genres like horror,

melodrama, westerns, and action-adventure.

The musical genre didn’t come into existence until then and science-fiction gained fame even later along the line during

the 1950s. We will guide you through some of the genres so that you can identify them and figure out your type!


They stand out with their energized and impactful stunts and usually comprise chase sequences, martial arts, rescues,

battles, and fires among other things. It is a very enrapturing genre and keeps you braced for action throughout the duration

of it. The protagonist is usually seen opting for risky routes which leads to highly dramatic action sequences. The Dark

Knight, Mission Impossible series and The James Bond series are among some of the popular ones of this genre.


Since the action and adventure genre have a lot of similar features, both of them are often combined. They are also

designed to energize and appeal to the viewers with their exciting stories. However, they differ from action in certain ways

as they are not primarily marked by violence and fight sequences. This genre helps audiences experience multiple conquests

and exciting twists through the protagonist. Popular movies of the genre include the Indiana Jones series, Mad Max, and Jurassic World.


This genre is mainly a medium for laughter for the audience through the use of funny dialogues and comical situations. They

are meant to induce a lighthearted effect in viewers and serve as an escape. The Lady Eye, Trouble in Paradise, and Sullivan’s

Travels are a few of the most popular ones.


These usually showcase gangsters and criminals who break the law and kill people. These movies shed light on the lives of murderers, lawbreakers, and people with personal power struggles. The Godfather, Prisoners, and American Gangster are a few

of the must-watch crime movies of all time.


This genre serves as a gateway to an imaginary world where anything can be done. It challenges the extent of your imagination and portrays fictional characters like gnomes, dwarves, etc magically. The Harry Potter series is one of the best series of

all times in this genre as it captures the plot line brilliantly.


These are also called dance films and portray song and dance performances differently. They’re considered to be escapist, like most movies of other genres because they offer viewers a break from life. The latest and most popular ones in this category

are Beauty and The Beast, Tarzan, and Lion King.

There are other genres like romance, which capture the real feelings of people in a relationship and the troubles they go through

every day, which bring them closer together. If you know the genre of your choice, order now and we will provide you with

classics of your choice on DVD so you can watch them at your convenience!

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