Find your favorite Classic TV Romances That Stole Our Heart

Don’t be disheartened if you’ve already read about the on-screen couple chemistries that didn’t work out for classic fans.

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There are tons of other romances that have been portrayed to perfection in classic TV shows that will surely refresh your

palate. There’s no end to the heights that classic on-screen romances have touched and nothing contemporary compares

to that.

Be it grace, charm, passion, or appearances—a good classic romantic couple will give you a taste of every flavor of true love.

All you need to do is pick out the right titles from this genre and you’ll be amazed by the power of falling in love with the

love of another.

Movies are not there is to the classic past; TV contributed as much to that Golden Era. Here are a few brilliant examples that

stole our hearts.


If there’s any show that has felt more like family than your own family, it’s the “ Gilmore Girls”. Not only does this show

makes you fall in love with the Stars Hollow clan, but also fall harder for the power couple.

The light-hearted banter, endless fights, and the passionate make-up kisses between Lorelai and Luke never failed to enthrall

the audiences.

The rough, rustic elements in Luke’s personality keep the frivolous Lorelai grounded, in their shared reality. Not to mention,

the beauty of Lorelai does more than bring out the charms in Luke’s looks when he’s seen with her!


Who knew Chandler Bing, the goofy friend, could ever be the one who checks off all the ticks on Monica’s list? All the fans

of “Friends” know how demanding Monica could get with her perfectionist standards.

Be it the Thanksgiving dinner or planning a wedding for Phoebe, the woman was a tornado in the house. But it was the

stability and calmness of Chandler’s character that made their duo relationship goals.

Their hype may have been overshadowed by the brewing sexual tension between Ross and Rachel but they gave us something

to enjoy for a lasting aftertaste. If any pair of best friends has fallen in love so perfectly, it’s these two!


Ever had a recurring sweet dream that kept coming back to you throughout your growing years? A dream you grew up

and grew old with? A dream you never stopped cherishing as you matured in your years and tastes? The seven seasons of

“Boy Meets World” were nothing short of that dream. This magically perfect duo actually grew up together from middle school onwards. “Girl Meets World” is also a sequel to their love story and gives a glimpse of their future together. Talk about the

purity of childhood love; this show is infused with the beauty of growing up with the one for you. If you want to watch these

shows or others of these kinds of rare old classic TV shows, we can provide them. We have a hand-picked selection of the best classic movie DVDs and TV shows that’ll keep you hooked!

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