Historical Documentaries That Made History

It’s easy to win over crowds of moviegoers by screening a true story. The reason they’re always so popular is because the

plot is more than a fictional setting with factitious characters; it offers real meat to the audience. Documentaries are endearing

and fascinating for the same reason: they’re a hardcore portrayal of the truth that is infallibly more impactful than a scripted storyline.

Historical documentaries offer proximity to events, places and people that are foreign to us and yet meet the eye in a setting

so real. Stories that have been chronicled in literature deserve to be portrayed on screen as well. The change of medium

offers a completely different outlook on the actual event and for that sake it’s important to give historical documentaries

the due credit they deserve.


This documentary was directed by the award winning documentarian, Barbara Kopple, and features the 1973 Brookside Strike

led by coal miners. Employed by the Eastover Coal Company, in southeast Kentucky, these miners were portrayed as living examples of the complexity of the mining industry. The occasional brawls between miners and skirmishes between their

equally violent wives often ended in fatalities that symbolized systemic violence at large. Kopple received her first Academy

Award for this documentary which was an example of powerful screenplay and an impactful subject.


Even before Sean Penn was awarded an Oscar for starring in Gus Van Sant’s Milk, the Oscar was Rob Epstein’s. Epstein won

an award for best documentary for a bold and unswerving portrayal of Harvey Milk who was the first elected homosexual

member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. This was a time of great political upheaval in California as it dared to

alter the course past conventions and traditions of propriety had taken. His election to the board was an exemplary moment

in history despite his assassination soon after his career took flight. His iconic legacy outlived the brevity of his life and career

as an official member of the board. It inspires LGBT activism till date.


This four-part documentary series is an unparalleled example of historical storytelling on a massive scale. It focuses on the

victories and tribulations of Queen Elizabeth I in grand taste and takes the viewers on a journey of her tenure from the

moment she came to the throne in 1559. The first part portrays her tumultuous promotion From the Prison to the Palace. It

shows how the Majesty, even as a child, displayed extraordinary strength of mind and will to rule. But irrespective of qualities

that made her the rightful heir to the throne, her destiny wasn’t served to her on a platter. From sexual abuse to unjust imprisonment, the Queen had lived in the darkest of dungeons before rising to glory, and this documentary serves justice

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