Hollywood Classics Which Were Truly Feminist

With only 7% of the output produced by the film industry directed by female directors, there’s need for empowering females

on an institutional level. Not only are women denied a place and identity in public spaces but also rarely ever made an

appearance on the big screen in a lead role. This is why we have a great collection of Rare cult movies DVD on legendary

women of Hollywood.

There’s a pressing need to bring the women out in the open and place them on pedestals that they deserve. The contribution

by women to the film industry has been undeniably generous and their role has been more than to just balance the gender

ratio in a movie cast. However, it might come as a shocker to you that this gender discrimination wasn’t always the case.

Even though we pride ourselves on being better thinkers and evolved modernists, the old classic movies were more devoted

to the feminist cause than modern productions.

It’s astounding to see how some rare masterpieces from the golden era of Hollywood succeeded in producing films that

were a significant service to the female community. Cinema is an excellent platform for voicing concerns that need to

be released in the society with the largest and fastest outreach and these classics made good use of it.

I’M NO ANGEL (1933)

You can’t have a conversation about the earliest feminist icons without mentioning Mae West more than once. Her blonde

beauty wasn’t the only thing that earned her public favor; it was her commitment to her work that made her emerge as a

platinum superstar. Her works as a playwright and a comedian were not only exceptional but also unconventionally bold

for her time. True to her nature, she plays a character who fights the justice system and challenges its sexist rules to be

seen for what she’s worth.


Feminism is not always about antagonizing men who run the patriarchal system because at times their female counterparts

are as much (if not more) because at time they’re as much (if not more) to blame. For a woman to break free of the

shackles holding her back and rise above her limitations—be it an oppressive patriarch throttling her freedom or a female

figure doing the same—is feminism at its best. The female protagonist in this movie too struggles to earn her freedom

from a domineering mother. It’s her journey from being a trembling damsel who runs into romantic misadventures to a

woman of steel who dares to challenge her own fate.


Joan Crawford was an asset for classic cinema and during her tenure she was one of the few who had the spine to demand

the meatiest roles from executives. Johnny Guitar was no different from films that were listed in her resume, except it

was exponentially better, as it had females playing both heroine and villain. Not only do women dominate screen time

but the protagonist is also portrayed as an entrepreneur who knows when and how to kick ass when need be. It’s safe

to say that whichever men you do see on the screen are reduced to supporting roles for the sake of the feminist plot. If you

want to get your hands on one of these classics, get in touch for an authentic DVD in fine print. We have been supplying

original copies of Rare cult movies DVD and other old movies for a good

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