Meeting The Past In The Present, best movies from the past

When it comes to fashion, nothing beats vintage but when it comes to cinema, nothing compares with classics that

culminated the Golden Age of Hollywood into what we cherish today as golden masterpieces!

Be it their unique style, exceptional rendition, acting from some of the thespians of American cinema, or flawless

cinematography – the quality of classics remains unmatched till date even after advancements have been made in technology.

Watching a classic being screened is an experience worth raising goose bumps by the sheer magnificence and excellence

of that make.

However, millennials are not able to thoroughly bathe in the splendor of classics in their time because of some setbacks. It

is either because of the unavailability of rare movie titles or due to generational disparities in classic movies that makes

them unrelatable for modern audiences.

Even though movie buffs have found a path reaching back to the era in which these cinematic renditions were born, not

everyone has the ability or taste to enjoy classics for the masterpieces they are! To cater to such audiences, directors have

taken on the responsibility of remaking some classics to better satiate the present demand. Although not all patrons and connoisseurs appreciate the effort because of their reverence for the original, some remakes have really been

commendable attempts at recapturing the golden past of cinema.

Here are a few examples of contemporary tributes to relics of the past.


Borrowing the idea from 1957’s classic piece: 12 Angry Men which was directed by Sidney Lumet, Nikita Mikhalkov’s

12’ is an exceptionally performed remake.

Released in 2007, this movie starred Sergey Makovetskiy, Sergey Garmash, Alexei Petrenko and YuriyStoyanov.

Based originally on Reginald Rose’ story, this movie offers a nerve-wracking plot that revolves around 12 jurors who take

the entire length of the movie to come to a decision about an alleged murderer.

Ocean’s Eleven

This is a 2001-American heist film which reproduced the 1960 Rat Pack production of the same name directed by Lewis Milestone.

George Clooney excellently fills the shoes of Frank Sinatra’s role as Danny Ocean in this movie directed by Steven Soderbergh.

The gang of 11 men starring in this movie serves justice to the original plot which was released in 1960, making it an entertaining piece in the genre of action and drama.

Scent Of A Woman

Remaking the French classic Profumo Di Donna (1975) by Dino Risi, Martin Brest’s Scent of A Woman is a well-deserved

remake which paved way for the exceptional star— Al Pacino— to his first Academy Award!

The mismatched duo of Pacino and Chris O’ Donnell harmonized in the perfect blend of beauty and contrast in the way

this movie offered its gratitude to the Italian predecessor.

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