American Shaolin (a.k.a King of the Kickboxers 2) Dvd


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American Shaolin (a.k.a King of the Kickboxers 2) Dvd

Very rare old school martial arts flick! Also, known as ‘King of the Kickboxers 2’ Another that needs to be added to ones old school martial arts film collection.

Plot: A kickboxer during a match with a dirty fighting kickboxer is humiliated in the ring by him, which his shorts was  pulled down and then hit by the dirty fighter. The protagonist decides to travel to China and enter a monastery where he may learn the Shaolin form of fighting. The film then veers into “Karate Kid” territory where the novice humiliates himself at every turn, is tolerated as a foreigner, and still comes out a champion. The monastery teaches non-violence, but  sooner or later the student will catch up with the bad guy at a world martial arts tournament which the monastery was invited to.

This dvd is encoded NTSC REGION 0(playable worldwide).

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