Barfly Mickey Rourke Collector’s Edition Dvd


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Barfly Mickey Rourke Collector’s Edition Dvd

Very rare out-of-print drama starring Mickey Rourke. This the Collector’s

Edition which includes extras, like the ‘Making of Barfly’, the Theatrical Trailer,

and ‘Commentary by Barbet Schroeder. A must have flick in ones movie library

for movie lovers who like a good well acted drama or fans of Mickey Rourke.

Plot:This comedy-drama was written by Charles Bukowski, the novelist and

poet (who sadly died in 1994), whose semi-autobiographical tales of

drunken cynicism drew admirers as diverse as Sartre and Bono. Mickey

Rourke plays Henry Chinaski, an alcoholic writer who spends his days in

a filthy downtown Los Angeles bar. When he isn’t drinking, he is fighting

(and getting battered by) one of the bartenders, and exchanging insults with

the other derelict individuals who frequent the establishment. When he

staggers home he writes poetry and short stories and posts them to

publishers without any real expectation of success. He meets a soulmate in

Wanda (Faye Dunaway), who is on a similarly self-destructive path, and the

two form a trusting but entirely unsentimental relationship. Then an

awestruck young female publisher, Tully Sorensen (Alice Krige), tracks him

down and offers both herself and riches to Henry, whom she regards as a genius.

But he is unsure if he wants to give up his life of hopeless destitution…

The dvd is encoded Region 0(playable on dvd players worldwide).

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