Breakthrough Richard Burton DVD


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Breakthrough Richard Burton DVD

Actors: Richard Burton, Rod Stieger, Helmut Griem
Format: Dvd
Language: English, Dolby 5.1
Run Time: 93 Mins
Region: All Regions
Extras: None
Plot: In 1944 German sergeant Rolf Steiner is on the Russian Front where
out of frustration he hits an officer. Steiner is sent on leave to Paris to avoid
further incidents. In Paris, news of the Allied Invasion of Normandy arrive
and Steiner meets up with his unit there being recently transferred from
Russia. Steiner finds out that his old company commander from the Russian
Front, Major Von Stransky, is his new commander. Steiner and Von Stransky
hate one another. The German general in charge of the area is General Hofmann who’s a member of the conspiracy to kill Hitler. Hofmann hopes to surrender
his troops to the Americans. He reveals his plans to Sergeant Steiner and asks Steiner to meet the Americans to negotiate a possible surrender if Hitler is eliminated. When the plot to kill Hitler fails, the surrender plan is in jeopardy.
Our titles originate directly from our inside studio contacts and are sourced from the best-quality master prints available in the studio archives. Unless specified, our DVDs have not undergone remastering or restoration. We aim to provide pleasure to our clients by offering movies that evoke fond memories rather than meet today’s video processing standards. The audio and video quality ranges from Good to Excellent (superior to VHS tapes), contingent on the title’s age and the master print’s preservation. Each title includes a keep case with complete artwork on the DVD insert and label.
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