DeathShip 1983 Horror Cult Classic Dvd



DeathShip 1983 Horror Cult Classic Dvd

At Last! The Video Rental Blockbuster of 1983 arrives on RARE DVD,

newly remastered from original vault elements!The movie is presented


Plot: Unbeknown to the passengers on board a cruise ship in the Caribbean,

a mysterious vessel is approaching – on a collision course! Despite the attempts

of the crew to avert disaster, the liner is lost with all hands down, except for

seven survivors. They are saved when they clamber aboard a ghostly

freighter, where they discover an even worse fate. They are now prisoners

on a former wartime vessel. As this ship speeds towards an unknown

destination, they realise that something is intent on destroying each one

of them in a grusesome and terrifying way… It’s not a ship, it’s a killing


The DVD is encoded NTSC REGION 0(playable worldwide).  Above check

out our screenshots for this title by clicking them .

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