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Very nice upbeat comedy of the 80’s that very entertaining, like most many of the movies of that era. This one is a must have for one’s movie library, when one wants to have a ‘BLAST FROM THE PAST’!

Plot:This upbeat love story features an architect named Miles who decides to modernize his life by buying a computer. Not knowing a thing about them he purchases the biggest most power system he can get a hold of, and wastes no time in having all sorts of accidents – dropping it, spilling wine on it, cross wiring it. All of which ends up causing something amazing to happen, the computer gains self-awareness! Using it’s word processor, speakers and microphone the computer learns to communicate with Miles and they become friends as he teaches it about life. Then a pretty cello player moves in next door and the shy Miles and super-intelligent but inexperienced computer conspire to get her to love Miles in the best tradition of Cyrano. After the computer and the woman start to share music together through the heating ducts the computer falls for the woman too. Soon man and machine are battling for who has the right to date her. In the end the computer concludes that it doesn’t have a chance with the woman and wishes the couple a happy life together. It downloads itself into the electrical system and departs for destinations unknown, but not before invading a local radio station’s computers to request a musical tribute to the new couple.

The dvd is encode NTSC REGION 0(playable worldwide), audio Dolby Digital 2.0, Digital Remastered.  

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