Meet the Deedles (1998) Dvd


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Meet the Deedles (1998) Dvd

Actors: Steve Van Wormer, Paul Walker, A.J. Langer, John Ashton
Format: Dvd
Language: English,  5.1 Surround Sound
Run Time: 93mins
Region: Region-Free Playable Worldwide
Extras: None
Plot: Twin thrill-seekers Phil (Paul Walker) and Stew Deedle (Steve Van Wormer) are
hip Hawaiian surfers shipped out to Wyoming for summer camp … before they’re expelled
from school! But when they get sidetracked to Yellowstone National Park, they fall into jobs
as rookie rangers to impress a sexy lieutenant. That kicks off a hilarious wilderness adventure
as the Deedles battle prairie dogs, surf roaring rapids, and rescue Old Faithful from a vengeful
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