No Retreat No Surrender U.S. Version DVD


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No Retreat No Surrender U.S. Version DVD

This the U.S. version of the classic Old School martial arts flick which Jean

Claude Van Damme debuted in.

This version is the theatrical version that played in the U.S. which have the

original soundtrack and a couple of scenes that are not seen in the

International version. The overseas version do not have original soundtrack

and the movie starts a little bit different from the U.S. version. It is claimed

that the int’l version have a little bit more violence in it, when it comes to that,

that’s where the difference is. The finale fight scene both hero and villian go

all out in this martial art classic. If you want to see this movie the way it

was presented in the theaters here in the U.S. then this is the version you

want! Also, this print is VERY GOOD, the best one can get for this movie!

The dvd is encoded NTSC REGION 0(playable on dvd players worldwide).

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