Police Around the World Dvd


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Police Around the World Dvd

This is the Dvd that will turn anyone from a Police “fan” into a true “fanatic”.

This Dvd is a chronicle of the Police’s first world tour, the viewer is invited

along with the band to explore Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, India, Egypt,

France, Latin America, and finally end up in Los Angeles. The stage

performances showcase the band playing with a frenzy and passion that

would not be matched during their superstardom years. (In fact, sometimes

you could say they got TOO passionate–Stewart drives them like a madman

through some numbers, and Sting gets into a swearing and spitting match

with an audience member in France.) The off-stage footage is often hilarious

(Andy sumo-wrestling in Japan; a squabble among the Copeland brothers in

Egypt that dissolves into shoving and cursing in Arabic) and also quite revealing

of the tensions that always lurked beneath the surface with the group.

Production values are perhaps not the highest, but that doesn’t detract

from the joy of the music.  

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