Soft Beds Hard Battles (a.k.a. Undercovers Hero)


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Soft Beds Hard Battles (a.k.a. Undercovers Hero)

Format: Dvd
Language: English Dolby Digital 5.1
Run Time: 1hr 47min
Region: Playable All Regions
Extras: None
Plot: In this comedy, set during the Nazi occupation of France, Peter Sellers
plays most major male parts, so he stars in nearly every scene, always bumbling
in inspector Clouseau-style. As British Major Robinson he is hidden in
Madame Grenier’s Parisian brothel, right under the nose of the Nazi clients,
such as Gestapo agent Herr Schroeder (again him). As Général Latour he leads
the French resistance, which includes the brothel madam -made a colonel in
charge of her sexy ‘troops’- and a priest, and is joined by young US diplomat Alan Cassidy. As Japanese imperial Prince Kyoto he becomes a target for the resistance in a monastery on his way to Hitler (again him). At the end he decorates the heroes as French president.
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