Split Second Rutger Hauer Dvd


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Split Second Rutger Hauer Dvd

SPLIT SECOND is  a futuristic sci-fi action thriller that’s essential viewing for fans of films like ALIEN and PREDATOR! This thriller is like BLADE RUNNER meets Predator! It is definitely a flick that will keep you glued to your seat.

The year is 2008. Global warming has melted much of the polar ice caps resulting in serious flooding around the world including the city of London which is now under several feet of water. In the ensuing chaos, law and order has broken down and a new killer has emerged. One that’s un-natural unrelenting and unstoppable. Maverick cop Harley Stone(RUTGER HAUER) has a link with the killer-it murdered his partner and he’ll do whatever it takes to bring it down. But, when the killer is a vicious 10 foot tall alien killing machine, even in the future there aren’t guns big enough to stop its deadly reign.


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