The Fantastic Four 1994 Roger Corman Widescreen Dvd


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The Fantastic Four 1994 Roger Corman Widescreen Dvd

VERY RARE! The unreleased 1994 Roger Corman’s ‘The Fantastic Four’, a low budget

Marvel Comic Book movie that is fun to watch on RARE IMPORT DVD. It is presented in WIDESCREEN FORMAT and totally REMASTERED! This is a movie worth seeing for any

Fantastic Four fan. It manages to capture a little of the heart of Marvel comics in ways

that Captain America(1991) and The Punisher(1989) weren’t able to. It is a pity that

more money couldn’t have been made available because as a representation of the F4 it isn’t bad at all. Although nowhere near as good as the recent blockbuster, the film does have a few advantages. It’s doctor Doom is in the right outfit, and the Thing looks pretty dam good too! Overall this movie is just PURE FUN to watch! The Dvd is formatted in NTSC REGION 0(playable worldwide). This is the best quality for this VERY RARE film one can get on the internet! There are also Special Features such as: Still Gallery, and Original Theatrical Trailer.

Click tab below to see our video clip of this title.(Note: The clip is played back with YouTube video player which plays at a lower resolution and audio quality than what the video clip really is.)

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