The Naked Prey Cornel Wilde Dvd


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The Naked Prey Cornel Wilde Dvd

THE NAKED PREY a rare classic of the 60’s. Loosely based on a true story about a North American trapper hunted by Blackfoot Indians, this story is set in South Africa and stars Cornel Wilde who also directed it, as Man, the leader of a

big-game safari gone awry when its parsimonious client refuses to hand over

a few trinkets to satisfy some tribesmen whose territory they are passing through.

There’s Hell to pay, quite literally: one of the unfortunate party is treated to a mudbath and a barbecue while others are entertained by ten-foot cobras or

tended to by the overenthusiastic ministrations of the tribe’s women and


Man, however is spared only to become the prey in an amusing game of cat

and mouse, or rather cheetah and gazelle.

There is very little dialogue, and no subtitles, but this little forgotten gem of

Cornel Wilde’ needs none surviving on its own wordless merits as a story of

fear, hope and the ultimate triumph of persistence.

This is a must have flick for any true classic movie collector.

The dvd is encoded Region 0, playable worldwide, and Digital Remastered.

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