The Reluctant Debutante Dvd


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The Reluctant Debutante Dvd

Actors: Rex Harrison, Kay Kendall, John Saxon, Sandra Dee, Angela Lansbury
Format: DVD
Language: English Dolby Digital 2.0
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen
Run Time: 94 min
Plot: Jimmy and Sheila Broadbent (Rex Harrison and Kay Kendall), welcome to London Jimmy’s 17-year-old daughter, Jane (Sandra Dee). Jane is from Jimmy’s first marriage to an American and has come to visit her father and the step-mother she has never met. While visiting Sheila has the idea of making Jane a debutante, an idea Jane resists. Difficulties range from Jane’s apathy to being placed on the marriage block, the determined efforts of Sheila’s cousin, Mabel Claremont, (Angela Lansbury) to win wealthy David Fenner (Peter Myers) for her debutante daughter Clarissa (Diane Clare), and Jane’s attraction to David Parkson (John Saxon), an American drummer who plays in the orchestra at the coming-out balls.
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