The Stranger



The Stranger

Actors: Kathy Long, Andrew Divoff, Eric Pierpoint
Format: English
Language: English, Dolby Digital 5.1
Run Time: 98 Mins
Region: All Regions
Extras: None
Plot: The small town of Lakeview, Arizona has been taken over by a violent
gang of bikers. The local sheriff is too afraid to do anything to stop them ever
since his fiancee was murdered while trying to bring evidence against the gang
to the FBI. One day, a mysterious woman, who looks exactly like the sheriff’s
fiancee, comes riding into town on a motorbike and starts killing members
of the gang. Who is this avenging mystery woman?
Important: All of our titles are provided directly from our inside studio contacts, and
has been manufactured from the best-quality master print currently available at
the studio archives and has not been remastered or restored for our DVD titles(unless
indicated in the listing that it is from a digital remastered source). Our dvds are not
intended to be compared to standards of today’s video processing technology that
commercial dvds are produced with today, but solely intended for the purpose of bringing
pleasure to our clients that are just happy to watch a movie that brings back great
memories. . The audio and video quality of our DVD titles rates from Good to
Excellent(higher quality than vhs tapes), depending how old the title is, and
how well the master print  been preserved at the studio archives. All of our titles
comes complete with keepcase, with complete artwork on dvd insert and label.
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