Tough Guys Dvd


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Tough Guys Dvd

Two Hollywood legends team together in this entertaining comedy/action adventure. This is a must have dvd for anyone who love good action drama especially when you have two Hollywood greats in the same flick or just fans of Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster! This flick is presented in it’s original aspect, WIDESCREEN!

Plot:Harry and Archie are released from prison ready to collect their Social Security. How could they get into trouble at their age? Let’s count the ways; A parole officer who is a famous criminal groupie, Dead end where people don’t know they are dealing with dangerous, though older, criminals, a hit man who can barely see, but who still has an outstanding contract on them. Does anyone still rob trains?

This dvd is encoded NTSC REGION 0(playable worldwide). The audio and video is digitally remastered. The video is in the WIDESCREEN FORMAT.

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