Warriors of Virtue (1997) Dvd



Warriors of Virtue (1997) Dvd

Actors: Marley Shelton, Teryl Rothery, Julie Patzwald, Kimberley Warnat, Dennis Dun
Format: Dvd, Remastered
Language: English,  5.1 Surround Sound
Run Time: 101mins
Region: Region-Free Playable Worldwide
Extras: Theatrical Trailer
Plot: A young man, Ryan, suffering from a disability, wishes to join the other kids from his schools football team. During an initiation rite, Ryan is swept away through a whirlpool to the land of Tao. There he is hunted by the evil Lord Komodo, who desires the boy as a key to enter the real world. Ryan is rescued by the protectors of Tao, five humanoid kangaroos, each embued with the five elements and virtues. Ryan learns his valuable lesson while saving the land of Tao.
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