The Legends of the Golden Past: Most Noteworthy Directors

Ever since the advent of the sound age in 1927 till the historic moment in 1967 when New Hollywood was born, films have been a constant source of entertainment. If you’re a true movie lover, you should be courteous enough to give credit where due.

The creative genius that makes it possible for movies to be such a record breaking success on the Box Office is that of the directors. It would’ve been impossible to have had such a vast collection of artistic masterpieces if it wasn’t for the directors of classic films.

Here’s a brief tribute to some of the most notable directors of the classic past.


Beginning his career in cinematic direction with The Pleasure Garden in 1925, Hitchcock went on to great heights with The Lodger, Lifeboat, Spellbound and the timeless thriller Psycho. Being awarded the title of: The Master of Suspense, there’s no greater accolade that could recognize his contributions to the film industry. Working closely with David O. Selznick, the man even tried his hand at directing literary works like Rebecca that won Oscars for its sheer brilliance. His work speaks of his mastery over this skill.


Being a Jew, Billy Wilder was born at a time when Hitler was at the epitome of power and had to seek refuge at different locations to save his life. Beginning from Paris, Wilder moved to the U.S. where he never turned back once he entered the folds of Hollywood. This is where he released his first feature film and directed classics like Ball of Fire and Ninotchka. His founding work was the 1942 romantic-comedy, The Major and the Minor which paved the way for bigger successes like Double Indemnity, a film noir production.


This man was called one of the pioneers of the American Film Industry. He began the Lasky Film Company alongside Jesse Lasky and Samuel Goldwyn, in 1913 which transformed into Paramount Pictures later. His first biblical film direction was in The Ten Commandments (1923) which received a warm welcome in the industry. He took his career to new heights by producing masterpieces like Cleopatra (1934), Samson and Delilah (1949) and the Academy Award-winning The Greatest Show on Earth (1952).

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