These Favorite Screenplays Were Books First and now a movie

It’s easy to figure out that some of the popular classics, like To Kill a Mocking Bird and Little Women were literary adaptations. It may be because some

storylines seem too deep to be written just for a screenplay or because the themes are laden with undertones, but some movies give it away.

It becomes hard to tell whether some of the lesser-known classics (or even popular ones) were based on books

and you had been obliviously watching them all this time.

Regardless, we’ve grown up enjoying these movies every Sunday and we owe it to them to learn more about their background.

Here are a few movie suggestions that were derived from books. They’ll surely leave you astounded that some of the most successful blockbusters

listed below came from books.


This film is easily ranked among one of those classics that came out better than the book. Simply keeping the graphics and stunts in mind, visual media

had an edge over written content. It was the graphics and the daring stunts that made the movie as gripping as it was!

But what truly made you sit on the edge of your seat throughout the movie was the realistic depiction of a species that has long been extinct.

Michael Crichton’s success with the book was thoroughly applauded and further promoted through the movie and has since been a popular

family movie for a weekend watch!


First written in 1973 by William Goldman, the 1987 adaptation of the book came out pretty close to the novel it was based on. It’s one of those movies

that are safely at par with the standard set by the book. However, there are some major narrative differences between both mediums: in the book,

the father tells his son a story whereas in the film, Peter Faulk narrates it to his grandson. The balance in quality between both versions is largely because

the author doubles as the screenwriter himself! It took a while before the film earned the stature of a family classic, an honor that had long been the author’s.


If you’ve read and known Jane Austen as one of the most prominent female writers, you couldn’t possibly have missed her masterwork, “Emma”. Written in 1815,

this book is a classic novel in literature that was adapted into a screenplay by the name of Clueless in 1995.

Even though Austen’s penmanship and quality of ideas were accolades enough to keep her name and fame alive, the film also contributed a small

boost to her popularity.

It not only stayed popular in Hollywood but also paved the way for future adaptations based on “Pride and Prejudice” and “Sense and Sensibility”.

If all these movie suggestions have truly left you clueless about how much of the history of Hollywood cinema you know of, you can always refresh your memory

with a new classic from the Golden Era.

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