What Makes A Movie Truly Classic? Come to Retro Classic and Flixs

If you talk about excellence, both cinema and literature can live up to the same standards. But when you talk about popularity, the masses prefer to buy movie tickets and watch a film at the cinema more than buy a hardcover and read. This may be because not everyone is intellectually as evolved to understand a work of literature, but it doesn’t take much to become cinema-literate if you’ve grown up watching movies.

The dark hall and the big screen also offer a much-needed escape from life and that’s one of the major reasons why watching a movie is cherished. Seeing a truly enthralling screenplay on that big screen with some of the best actors performing makes the experience all the better.

But watching a classic is an entirely different experience altogether. It’s more than just an hour or two-long film. It’s a shared history and heritage that’s celebrated on screen, and a sweet reminder of times gone by. There are many unique elements that go into making a film truly classic.


When you say ‘audience appeal’, take extra caution to separate all commercial jargon and terms of retail from this discussion. A classic movie is not just another film; it’s a work of art. When we say that the audience appeal makes it classic, we’re saying that it’s the generations of movie lovers that watch and re-watch these productions. It’s an invaluable work of art that’s created by an intellectual who had an impeccable sense of aesthetics and an equally powerful strength of foresight to see what could stay relevant years later.


In simple terms, this means that only a cinematic production that’s able to stand the test of time is one that can endure the fame humbly. It’s the endurance of these classics at a time when cinema is growing, changing and evolving that maintains their position in the hierarchy and demands the appreciation they deserve. New movies may come and go on the Box Office, but truly cinema-literate audiences will always gravitate towards the old classics for a refreshing jog down the memory lane. Classics help complete the cinematic experience for moviegoers and it’s this quality of such movies that makes them deserving of the classic title. If you’re convinced that classic movies can never be watched enough times, visit our page and pick out the ones you like. We offer classic movie DVDs that are rare and old and can’t be found elsewhere.

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