Which Classic Film Should Be Adapted For the Stage

If you’ve been fans of some of the best classic musicals, you’re in for a surprise. Films like Gigi, Finding Neverland, Doctor Zhivago, and American in Paris have not only been award-winning films but have also been adapted into theatrical productions.

There’s no greater thrill than seeing your favorite classic films enacted on a stage and their most iconic scenes played live right in front of your eyes.

But since the forms and techniques used in theatre acting are a lot different than those used in films, theirs only an exclusive selection of classics that

plays can do justice to.

Here are some classic suggestions that can be a hit in theatre as well as they were on the Box Office.


This psychological thriller wasn’t just a sweeping success in Hollywood but can be adapted equally well on stage. The plot narrates the story

of a former

child star (Bette Davis) who used to torture her crippled sibling (Joan Crawford) in a rotting old Los Angeles mansion. Set in 1935, this is a riveting

tale that

surely keeps you on the edge of your seat till the end. The 1962 film portrays the character of Davis powerfully by showing the bitter vengeance that

drives her

to exact revenge on her sister. This Academy Award-winning film will be a perfect match for a theatre production as the play could exaggerate just

the right

degree of tension needed.


Starring the most loved face of the 80s, Molly Ringwald, Pretty in Pink tells the story of a girl named Andie Walsh who is torn between her old lover

and a new

rich love interest. This film is ranked among cult classics of the 90s and features several musical sequences including the song, “Pretty in Pink”.

With the right

bands and choreography, this film can become a big hit on stage. Not to mention, theatrical romances have been widely popular since the

beginning and

continue to be so.


With Robert Donat starring as the main protagonist in Goodbye Mr. Chips, the 1939 film won an Oscar as well. With a plot that sits perfectly

well with the

requirements of theatre, this movie plot revolves around a boarding school headmaster who narrates his experiences in retrospect.

Borrowed from James

Hilton’s novel titled the same, this plot was turned into a film and directed by Herbert Ross. Seems like now is the time to give it another

twist and see it

unravel on a theatrical platform. With award-winning music composers Leslie Bricusse and John Williams, the show is sure to be a big hit.

But before you

head over to buy tickets to the show, refresh your memory of the classics by getting your hands on some of the best old and

rare classic movies from us.

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