Darby’s Rangers James Gardner DVD


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Darby’s Rangers James Gardner DVD

Very Rare action/war movie starring Hollywood’s great character actor James Gardner. This one war flick for all the war movie fans should add to there collection.

Plot: Garner portrays Major William Darby, the leader of an elite commando brigade that faces the Axis powers in North Africa and Italy. He unexpectedly finds himself spending equal amounts of time preparing his troops and sorting out their onshore amours. The film successfully shows his noble attempt to balance both desires and how the two types of missions intermingle in unexpected ways. Garner’s performance works because it is more sincere than wry, and Wellman handles the action-packed aerial sequences with marked finesse.

The dvd is encoded NTSC REGION 0(playable on dvd players worldwide), Digital Remastered for best audio and video experience.

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