Night Gallery (The Premiere Collection) Dvd


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Night Gallery (The Premiere Collection) Dvd

VERY RARE DVD! This the pilot movie that started the famous T.V. Series. This

dvd consist of the very first 3 episodes that began the creepy series!

This pilot film for Rod Serling’s final TV endeavor NIGHT GALLERY is a three-

part omnibus that is far spookier than most made-for-television projects.

Serling’s own morality tracts are here bought together in a delicious mix

of suspense, terror, and melodrama.

The first story concerns a greedy nephew (Roddy McDowall) who deliberately

leaves his uncle exposed (George Macready) open to the cold, so that his death

will result in McDowall grabbing onto the family fortune. But there is a painting

in his uncle’s vast collection that, bit by little bit, proceeds to drive McDowall to

utter madness because of what it depicts–Macready coming back from the grave!

Story #2 concerns a blind woman (Joan Crawford, in one of her last roles)

who blackmails her doctor (Barry Sullivan) in giving her an occular transplant

so that she may see, even if it is only for twelve hours. The operation is in

actuality a success, but when her 5th Avenue penthouse is thrown into

darkness because of the great 1965 New York blackout, she’s led to believe

it was a disaster.

Story #3 focuses on a Nazi fugitive (Richard Kiley) eking out an existence in

Buenos Aires who becomes entranced by a painting of a fisherman in an art

gallery, and who longs for Escape. But his past is about to catch up to him; and

the twist ending is not quite what he had in mind.

Superbly scripted by Serling, from his collection of short stories entitled

The Season To Be Wary”, NIGHT GALLERY is superior suspense

entertainment. Boris Sagal and Barry Shear do effective jobs in the direction

of the first and third stories, but it is the Crawford segment that gets the

most attention–and for good reason. This marked the maiden directorial effort

of a young man from Phoenix, Arizona named Steven Spielberg. Billy

Goldenberg’s eerie, Herrmann-influenced score puts the capper on this

one-of-a-kind TV movie. This dvd is definitely a must have for one’s FRIGHT


The dvd is encoded NTSC REGION 0(playable worldwide).

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