3 New Features In The Film Industry used today

What sets apart modern times from the classic era is the influx of technological advancements that digitalized cinematography.

The film industry is always evolving because entertainment can’t afford to become obsolete. Without having new releases and premieres lined up in advance, the industry wouldn’t survive. What keeps audiences coming back for more is the hope to find something different each time.

This requires constant innovation of techniques, a refreshing plot, unconventional characters and acclaimed stars playing new roles. In order to serve justice to the standard of excellence that has been maintained by Hollywood for the past century, it’s important to feature something new in each release.

Here are 3 new features that you’ll find in the film industry.


Many movie buffs and fans of action movies were under the impression that the latest computer-generated imagery technology has swiped practical effects from the scene for good. To their utter disbelief, practical effects have made an exceptional comeback in the industry with the latest releases.

Big hits like “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” have been able to give us a real treat to watch. If it wasn’t for practical effects, these iconic blockbuster motion pictures wouldn’t have won over crowds like they did.

In fact, 2010’s sensational release: “Inception”, also majorly depended on practical effects to lay the groundwork for the exceptional visuals that we saw. With examples like these, it’s quite probable that practical effects will be all the rage in the industry.


Is Netflix and chill your current motto? If so, you would be aware of how these online platforms are releasing film productions. These feature films have become a common occurrence on online forums like these and this has become a popular outlet for small-budget movies.

Alongside “Netflix Original” and “Amazon Original” shows, the online cinema will be screening low-budget films as well like documentaries and films such as “What Happened Miss Simone”. For a critic, this newest update in the film industry is soon to become a ground-breaking reality for the future of cinema.


With every other medium of discussion becoming politically charged, the only way left for social activism to have dialogue with the masses is through films. This medium has become a forum for social commentary and films are increasingly featuring satirical plots and political issues to convey messages of utmost importance. The film industry has an edge over other mediums because having substantial debate over grave topics through entertainment is least likely to receive backlash. Also, the notion of art for art’s sake saves directors and producers the trouble of always being politically correct. Merely glossing over crude realities doesn’t serve the purpose of social activism; therefore films are indispensable to the cause. But if you’re too bummed out by these new trends hitting the industry, you can always go back to watching your all-time favorite classics! Want to grab an original copy of your favorite war epic classic? We have the best classic movie DVDs available on offer for only those who share our love for the classic masterpieces. Check out our collection and pick out the one you want to watch next. We can ship wherever you are because no one deserves to be deprived of art!

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