Genres and Styles in Classic Films, no lack of variety,

Classic movies spanned from romances to epics, war films to crime thrillers. There’s no lack of variety when it comes to genres and styles in classics. Here are a few.


When it comes to classics, not all productions were serious makes about grand subjects. The industry at that time was booming with as many varieties of genres as possible. Screwball comedies were one of them. They were iconic films that were known for placing characters in ridiculous scenarios, the absurdity of which cracked the audience up.

Unlike modern humor—that has deviated into problematic territories like sexism, fascism, elitism, or racism—classic humor was of the finest standard that employed tools of greater worth.


If you list one of the most enduring genres still among classic movies, it’ll have Sci-Fi top of the list. Fantasy films are also close at its heels; no matter how graphically evolved the industry may become, there’s something about the dream-like quality of classic fantasies that never grows old.

A great example to cite here would be The Wizard of Oz. Even though there’s no shortage of colored productions now, but the subtle transition from black-and-white pictures to color TV left the audiences reeling with joy.

The earliest Sci-Fi movies had also explored themes in movies like A Trip to the Moon that were way ahead of their time. Ideas and prospects like time travel, alternate universes, space, futuristic disasters and the galaxy truly turned these movie titles into gilt-edged reservoirs of the earliest wisdom. Forgetting the foresight that cinematographers then had displayed would be a great disservice to their art.


Most popular during the’50s and the ‘60s, these epic movies included masterworks like Cleopatra and Ben HurThey ranged from grand war-time tales to historical events that demand notice. They also included trilogies and fam8ily sagas that spanned over multiple generations. A few examples to be found in this genre were Once Upon a Time in the West and The Private Life of Henry VIII. Epics were usually started with an enormous budget and an equally-sized cast so that the storyline didn’t have to suffer compromises because of lack of any sort. Epics, as the name suggests, lived up to the enormity of their cause and were revered by generations of audiences. We offer DVDs of rare and old classic family movies that you can buy and watch at your convenience! Order here.

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