Why Watching Classics Is the Best Way to Spend Your Weekend

Keeping yourselves entertained can be a bit challenging during the weekend when you want to do something exciting without parting with your couch.

It is a great time to unwind though and the best way to get the best of both worlds is by relishing old memories or discovering the new in the old.

There are multiple reasons why watching a classic movie will help you do that.


Old movies make for a wonderful reminder of a time when things were much simpler since these movies were not designed to give their viewers that emotional dive,

but something meaningful and intimate. Going back to that makes you feel good.


Old movies were designed to tell a story of sorts to the viewers. Every movie had something unique to it. For example, they didn’t have much technology back

in the day and could not produce scary graphics in the horror genre. Yet, they were able to induce that scary element even without the blood and gore.

This contrasts heavily with modern cinema which is filled with marketing campaigns and profit-driving tactics that lower the quality of the movies individually.


Classics give us a great lesson in history. This is primarily because they were largely influenced by the times they were released like It’s a Wonderful Life which

was influenced by events of the forties. Additionally, they help us learn by observing the mistakes of the past so that we try not to repeat them in the future.


They exude charm with their unique scripts and ingenious writing skills on a vast variety of topics and styles. The wittiness as well as the originality of dialogue by dialogue is noteworthy. Arsenic and the Old Lace by Cary Grant is one great example.


Classic movies are also known for the sense of style the characters displayed. Men wore suits and women wore heels, fancy clothes, hats, and gloves regardless

of their roles in the movies. We can take a lot of fashion ideas from classic movies today. Marilyn Monroe was one such icon who was famous for her hair and curves.

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